Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Carter

Since evacuating Ike, Carter has slept in 5 different beds. Thats right, 5. Because of the frequent change in lodging, we had to get Carter to go to sleep by lying down with him. Now we are at home and he still flips out if we don't lie down with him. We have sort of gotten better. Now he just screams for 15 min. when we refuse to lie down with him. Thats not the big issue. . . the BIG issue is that he's waking up at least twice during the night screaming bloody murder. He cries, screams, and gets out of bed and knocks/hits on the door. We don't want him to wake up Megan, so one of us rushes in and lies down with him to stop his crying. This has got to STOP. Bo and I hardly get a whole nights rest, not to mention, we aren't getting the chance to be together because we usually just end up sleeping with him. What do we do? I would normally just have him cry it out, but he's been getting LOUD lately and I'm afraid of him waking up not only Meg, but the people below us. Oh Carter, please give us a break!
Ike definetly stinks, but I will say this because I keep forgetting to post this and I want it to go down in my records, that because of the storm I was able to have Bo at home for Meg's first 6 weeks of life. Yep, no work or school. It was AWESOME. I don't know what I would have done without Bo's help. Two kids are hard!


Jackie said...

NIGHTMARE! That's so gross!

Andrea said...

what i applied for us in our struggle to get ash to go to sleep by herself at night:

1. the kid wanted comfort- by consistency, a fav night light, a special blanket, a fav book (with a promise to sleep if she got it), and a pacifier (because we were still weaning her)

2. she needed consistency- to know we were coming back, it was just not until morning

3. she needed a lock on the door, or a gate. :) cause a lot of screaming went down for a week or so.

Serena said...

Oh man, I hear you. Jaime's insecure right now at night b/c of all the crazy sleeping arrangements due to Ike as well. I hope it gets better for y'all soon. We were up literally all night last night w/either Ben or Jaime...they were taking turns waking up and screaming. Jaime wakes up about twice a night now since Ike. I hope we get it under control before baby comes!! Good luck!!! I may have to let her cry it out w/a lock on the door? once I feel like she's feeling secure enough in our new home.

CAMI said...

Ok I can totally relate! Im sorry! I would say get a night light and put one of those lil door knob things on his door so he cant get out- and maybe let him cry it out a few nights- its hard- thats what we had to do- we got a fan to drown her out- then maybe let your neighbors know what will be going on and make them cookies!
Ps I love the costumes!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Oh parenting isn't it fun. Andrew has done the same thing as far as crying bloody murder during the night and it is so hard to know what to do. Especially when you don't want others being woken up. I hope he stops soon. Good luck. Meg is so cute. What chubby little cheeks she has and so much hair. She already looks so grown up. You look great Cassidy!

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