Thursday, November 20, 2008

Excited to have a girl

I left Bo home with Megan this morning and took Carter with me to our church to work out. When I came home Bo was holding a sleeping Megan. The reason I'm blogging about this is because I thought it was so cute that he had changed her from her pj's into a onesie and pants AND he put a cute clip in her hair!!! How cute is that? He was so proud too. Man I love my family!


Conner Clan said...

Very cute and kudos to dad for "dressing her up!"
I miss the aquarium so much! That was always a fast and easy resort for bored kids. I'm glad it's up and running. Did they have any problems after the storm? How are your headaches? Any more migrains? I hope not! Have a great weekend! ;)

Jackie said...

AHH! I want one!

CAMI said...

I love those moments- Im so proud of Jason when he comes up with a new way to dress Heather and the bow matches!
Hows Carter Sleeping?

Stephanie said...

That is too cute. What a good dad!

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