Friday, June 6, 2014

The rest of Spring Break

Carter's Spring Break was two weeks long.  The first week was Mammoth Caves, and the second week we just spent doing random things with friends in Indy.  One day we went roller skating, in which most of my pictures didn't turn out (I desperately need a new camera.  Someone remind me at Christmas time!).  Another day we went to the zoo with our friends, the Humphreys.  We also had a movie night with our neighbors.  I think it was a pretty good Spring Break, if I do say so myself.  Way better than the ones I had growing up! ;)
I also included a picture of Perry from April because that kid grows too fast, and he's just so darn cute!

Derrick and Parker Humphreys looking at the lions that are on the rocks. 

Carter, Luke H., Megs, and Layna H. looking at rhinos. 

 Kids watching a movie.  Jackie is our little neighbor and on the couch is her grandma, Janet.  Janet and I became really close, and I am sad we no longer live by them!

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