Friday, June 6, 2014

Carter's school musical

Carter performed in a musical!!!!  Well okay, the whole second grade of his school did, but that's a minor detail.  He was so darling up on that stage.  He's pretty much darling anywhere, but up on that stage?!  SUCH a cutie!  The musical was titled "Squirm" and was all about worms, bats, spiders, and things that make you SQUIRM. Carter practiced the songs so much at home the weeks leading up to the musical, that by the time he performed, we all had his songs memorized. :)  "what are the things that make you squirm? A bat, or a mouse, or a snake or a worm?  We have them all here, so we'd like to confirm, that today's the day.(pause) we're gonna make you squiiiiiiiiirrm." :) hahaaa.
Here are some pictures from my camera that needs to be replaced by a future Christmas present camera!! hint, hint,  Bo!

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