Friday, June 6, 2014

More Easter

Easter this year was very chill.  We dyed some eggs (all variations of green, yellow, and blue since we were out of red...), went to the ward Easter party and did an egg hunt, had a yummy ham dinner, and then proceeded to eat lots of deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches in the week to come.  The Easter bunny also decided to be low key this year.  The bunny must've known that we'd be moving in 3 days and that I didn't want junk or hyper children everywhere, so instead of getting tons of candy and gifts, they each got a little bit of candy and two toys, compliments of the dollar section of Target. :)  The kids were very pleased with their baskets too!  Why, oh why, have I tried so hard in the past?  They were thrilled with their gum, Reese's Peieces, and Cadburry Eggs.  Megan loved her stuffed bunny (which was like the size of your fist) and stickers, Derrick had tons of fun with his silly putty and etch a sketch, and Carter was in heaven with his baseball cards.  So simple, so fun.  AWESOME.
I love matching outfits, which Bo thinks is a little crazy, so of course the kids had to have matching Easter outfits.  Orange and white was the theme this year, and I think they turned out darling.  But then again, my kids are darling in whatever. hahaaa. :)
Oh yes, I do think the story of the Egg hunt is a funny one. When they let all the kids go and get the eggs, Derrick passed so many prime eggs because he was on a mission to only get the orange eggs. :)  It took A LOT of convincing to get him to pick up any other colors, and by the time this was done, most of the eggs were gone anyways, so he ended up with like 7 or 8, but he was fine with that.  So funny, and yet also frustrating since I'm competitive and I didn't want him missing out. WHY?  Why am I like that?  You'd think I'd be happy he didn't have so much candy.  sheesh. :)  Megan also didn't end up with many eggs.  Before the hunt began, the Primary President had told all the kids they could each have 15 eggs, and then when everyone had 15 eggs, THEN they could get more.  Well Megs was so worried about that number and making sure she only got 15, that every time she picked up an egg, she'd count all her eggs. EVERY TIME, EVERY EGG.  This meant that by the time she had like 7, all the eggs were gone.  Oh that girl, she was devastated.  She was trying so hard to obey the rules, she ended up getting ripped off by them.  Luckily we found some kids that had waaaaaay more than their share who were willing to give Megs and Derrick enough to add up to their 15 egg quota.  Carter also stuck to the rules, and only got 15, when all the other kids in his age group had at least 2 dozen.  I was so proud of my kids that day.  What little wonderful rule followers!!  I must be doing something right....

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