Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christmas 2014!!!

Once again, despite Bo's and my threats to the contrary, Santa came to the Beus household!  And once again, despite Bo's and my plans and pacts, Santa spoiled the kids a little too much.
They might have been spoiled because of the stellar deals Mrs. Claus found while shopping, or maybe because Santa knew Bo was going to be working Christmas afternoon and that Cassidy would need SOMETHING to keep her kids happy and busy that day.  Or maybe it's because my kids are just so dang cute, and despite their crazy can't-believe-it's-Christmas-season behavior, they really are good kids.  Whatever the reason, they definitely had a good Christmas.  Why, when I was a kid..... just kidding.
Meg's highlight toys were her doll, tea set, and scooter.  Carter's was the Ninjago Four Headed Dragon Lego set.  Derrick's was the chocolate.  That kid plowed through his candy within the first 5 minutes.  No joke. He took the looooooongest time to open his presents because all he wanted to do was just sit by Bo and eat candy. :) My gifts to Bo were lame, but I blame it on the pregnancy.  His gifts to me were great, but he says they were lame and he blames it on my pregnancy. :)  Pregnancy is worth it just for all the things you can use it as an excuse for! :) 
Anyways, it was a fun day.  The kids were happy, Bo and I were happy, and the love in our home was just great, and not because of the gifts, but because of the season and the wonderful reminder that Christmas is truly about our wonderful Savior, his life, and the miracle of his birth.
Now on to making lists and pacts for next year!

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