Saturday, March 8, 2014

Carter's Baptism

Carter turned EIGHT this year.  EIGHT!!!  Can I really be the parent of an 8 year old???  Crazy.
Since Carter was turning 8, that also meant that he was going to be getting baptized.  Again, crazy.
Bo's mom and my parents all flew over here to be with Carter and celebrate his baptism with him.  Isn't that wonderful?? I love that Carter got so much support.
So Carter's birthday was on a Friday, and his baptism was that Saturday, the 11th.  He shared his baptism with another little girl from our ward.  Because of a huge snow storm we had the Sunday before, Carter didn't have any school the whole week before his baptism, so that was great that he didn't have to go to school most of the time his grandparents were in town, and also no school on his birthday!
For his birthday, since I had my hands full with visitors, we decided to just take Carter and two friends to a bounce house place on his birthday.  Then that night we had cake with just the family. 
Carter's baptism was wonderful.  Carter was just glowing the whole time.  You could tell he was really soaking it all in and just trying his hardest to be reverent.  My darling boy.  I also loved watching Bo baptize Carter. What a wonderful Dad and example to me and the kids.
The rest of the grandparents trip (they all came for a week-Wednesday to Wednesday) was spent with trips to the zoo, eating yummy food, like Steak and Shake, and having a girls day where the grandmas, and Meg and I, got pedicures and lunch and did a little shopping.
It was a really fun trip, and the kids LOVED having so much Grandparent time.  I gotta admit, it was nice having more adults than kids. :)


Stormie said...

Wow everyone looks so grown up! I loved reading all your posts!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

How fun!!! 8! That is crazy. So fun and exciting. Hope all is going well in the fog of newborndom. Lots of love and congrats from us!!

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