Friday, November 1, 2013

Preschool Apple Picking!

Megan's preschool class took a fieldtrip to the apple orchards!  We were excited because we LOVE picking apples!! 
The highlight of the whole trip was not the apple picking, or the tree climbing, or playing on the toys with friends, noooooo, the highlight was that within 5 MINUTES of arriving at the place, Derrick got stung by a wasp.  SERIOUSLY.  That kid.  Of course he would get stung.  Within 5 minutes. On his eyebrow.  I saw the wasp flying around his head, went to shoo it away, but he had felt something on his head, and went up to swipe it, and instead trapped it there and hence got stung.  Poor kid.  I was so upset.  I mean, come on!  It's always something with him.
So after that, we headed out to the orchards and the kids picked apples, ate apples, and climbed those trees to their little hearts' content.  Heaven. :)
When the kids' bags were full, and they were hungry for some real food (or maybe that was the moms....), we took the kids over to the picnic area and had our lunches and let the kids play on the hay stack and playground toys.
It was a great trip with fun friends.  Meg loves her preschool group, although as you can tell from these pictures, she loves Derrick most of all. :) I'm fine with that.

 Don't worry, they are only like a foot or two off the ground.  Clearly I wasn't, since I decided to take pictures instead of hovering around them. :)

 Meg's preschool class.  L to R. Ander Walker, Julia McRae , Bryant Bailey, Max Dockter, Zoe Flory, Megs, and Hyrum Swenson.

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