Friday, November 1, 2013

Announcing Beus Baby #4!!

We are having another baby!  This little bundle of joy (at least it'd better be... ;)  ), is due February 24th. 
We found out what the baby was September 30th.  We didn't take the kids with us to the ultrasound appointment, because Bo wanted to enjoy the moment, without having to deal with 3 squirming kids.  I don't blame him.  So we went just the two of us.  We found out what we were having, there may or may not have been tears by me, and then we went out to lunch and got a new baby outfit for the baby.  Our plan was to wrap the outfit up as a present, and then have the kids open it to find out what the baby was.
Because we wanted our kids to be the first to know what we were having, we didn't tell anyone for like 5 hours, since we had to wait for Carter to come home from school and stuff.
Derrick was asleep with Carter was home, but since Derrick really couldn't care, and Carter was dying to know, we let the older two open the gift.  Their reaction???  Well, Carter would've been happy either way.  Meg's was banking on a little sister.  So their reaction was.... funny and heartbreaking.  IT'S A BOY!!!!  Carter was happy, Megan was not.  She was pretty upset. For like a minute tops.  After that she turned to me and said, "Can the baby sleep in my room?' and then she was back to being happy that a baby was coming.  So funny.  Bo and I had been stressing about how to warm her up to the idea of ANOTHER brother, and it wasn't even that bad.  nice!
Derrick got woken up by Carter in all the excitement, so as you can see from the pictures, he doesn't look all that excited. haha.  He warmed up soon after, he just isn't a happy camper when he first wakes up.  Derrick honestly could care less that a baby is coming.  He's not upset, or happy, he just continues his day to day life having fun and being a 2 year old.  He knows there is a baby in my tummy, but I have no clue what his reaction will be when the baby actually comes out.  Megs, on the other hand, is impatient for this baby to come out.  She asks me practically every day if it is time yet.  Oh the time is going to drag...  Carter is excited too.  He and Megan love to feel the baby kick and move. 
Bo and I are happy that it is healthy.  We might've wanted a girl (Sorry baby!!), but we're happy for Derrick to have a little buddy to hang out with. We have no clue on a name, and honestly haven't really even tried to come up with one.  We have a lot on our plate that needs to be dealt with before this little one makes his entrance.  And a lot after too.  This is one busy, busy year.  All the same, we're happy and excited!! 


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Stormie said...

Still think you should continue your pattern and name your baby an 'E' name since your boys are B,C, and D! So happy for you guys. Sorry you didn't get your 2nd girl, but I'm sure you'll love your 3rd boy! :)

Katie said...

Congratulations!!! I LOVE Meg's expression in some of those shots. Hilarious. :)

Alan said...

Congratulations! So fun to read about your kids' reactions!

dockters said...

Love these pictures!!! So fun to capture the moment and reactions! 3 boys!! Only the best moms have 3 boys!!

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