Friday, June 28, 2013

Strawberry Picking!!!

I have been waiting and waiting AND WAITING for strawberry season!! 
Last year the kids and I went with some good friends to pick strawberries and we had such a fun time. The strawberries were GOOD, I'm not normally a fan of that berry, and the picking was easy and fun for the kids and moms.  So the same friend,(my bosom friend Lindsay Dockter) and I have been planning since like January to go again.  This time we had a ton more friends join us, and even Bo was able to come!  Unfortunately the berries didn't taste as good.  They were still good to everyone else, but to me they tasted like your normal store bought kind.  Oh well.  Still a way fun activity to do outside with the kids.
We, meaning mostly Bo and I... and maybe Carter, picked about 12 lbs of strawberries!!!  I made A LOT of freezer jam, and then used the rest in smoothies.  Or the kids ate them. :)
I love doing this, and hopefully wherever we move next year we'll be able to do this some more. 
Now to wait a couple months for raspberry season!!  And then apple season....and then.....:)

 Our strawberry jam!!  And what jam is complete without fresh homemade bread. Honey Whole Wheat bread for those interested.  Nothing but the best for us. ;)


Stormie said...


Haley Krumblis said...

So fun. That looks SO good. Wish we lived closer so I could steal some!!

Ellen Parlee said...

Great photos! Strawberry picking is great fun for the whole family. And it means that you get to make lots of tasty strawberry recipes!

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