Sunday, January 9, 2011

You know you're big when....

So my self esteem has been taking a big hit lately, a BIG hit.
It seems everywhere I go, someone is commenting on how big I look. True story.
Here are some of my favorite conversations:

While in the elevator in a building, a lady asked me if I was due any day. "No, (nervous chuckle) I still have six weeks." She looked at me with shock, so I added "It's my third child." She replied with, "well our bodies just fall apart on us as we get older, don't they?" I wish I could explain the expression that comment brings to my face. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Not five minutes after the elevator experience I got the, "You due any day?" "Nope, not till Valentines Day." "Twins??" "Nope. Just one." "Well one's enough." Yep. I'm not making these up, friends.

I've gotten tons of "Wow! You look like you're due any day!" and "Twins??" I've also gotten some "When are you due? Yesterday??"

Really people. Do you think these comments make me feel good??? Would they make ANYONE feel good??? I guess they might make you feel good if you were ACTUALLY due, instead of a month and a half away.

But the best comment of all comes from my OB/GYN.
I had an appointment last week and he came right into my room, smiled at me, and then looked at my tummy and said, "WOW. You look like you're done."
Now maybe this isn't the worst comment, you might think, but let me just tell you... all those other comments? I could maybe shrug them off as being from men, or women with no children, or women who haven't had children in a long time, or whatever. But from a guy that sees pregnant women as his job????? Yeah, that's a hard hit.

I don't think I'll be posting any pictures with this post....


Kacey Nielsen said...

My rule of thumb... unless I can honestly tell a pregnant woman that she looks absolutely adorable pregnant and should be informed of her cuteness, I keep my big mouth shut. No other comments are necessary to the pregnant crowd.

Shouldn't everyone follow my sage wisdom?


laurie said...

I feel your pain. I used to get comments like that starting in my 6 month - like I looked like I was giving birth to a baby elephant. Hang in there - I'm sure you look beautiful - you always do!

Laurie Christensen

Serena said...

You look great preggo!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cassidy, if you weren't so pretty and skinny then your belly wouldn't look so big! I say take it as a compliment.

ashleyboice said...

hmmm...I love pregnant tummies. I can't help it. I think they are adorable. I think you look great. I agree with Jane are just so skinny it makes it show more.

However, I don't know what those people are thinking...pretty rude. Somehow I think comments (even rude ones) are better than people just gawking at your stomach in unbelief.

Whidget said...

Oh please, people are saying you have a big BABY Belly. I am 5 months along and I'm so FAT no one can tell I'm pregnant. I've seen your prior photos and you look CUTE and PREGNANT. I'd rather look pregnant than have people thinking I am just fat. :-)

*Hugs* anyway though. I hate growing children. It's such miserable work. :-)

Also, Aunt Jane is dead on. If you weren't so skinny, your belly would look smaller. So it's a BIG compliment. It would be way worse the other way!

Jackie said...

You should be proud of your big healthy babies.

Plus I didn't think you look that big...yet:)

Hang in there you.

I'm on stand-by

Katie said...

People should die. Seriously. I'm sure you look precious, so don't sweat it.

Emily Rasmussen said...

I have had so many of those lately. When they ask if I am going to pop soon I just say..."pretty much".

And I agree with "neighbor Jane". You are adorable!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Cassidy I feel for you. Although I really think you look cute in your pregnancy pictures. Still no one wants to hear comments like that. You're almost there.

The Beus Gang

Bo, Cassidy, and Carter Beus