Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures from this month that don't fit into a post, but I definitely want on my blog.
My funny kids.

I introduced Carter and Meg to the "orange smile" by very maturely doing it myself. We can't get them to stop doing it now. :)
My parents got us towels for Christmas. They were HUGE. When we got the package a couple of days after new years, the kids excitedly got them out and made them into beds. Bo and I just thought it was funny how small they made our kids look.
Yes, they are pretending to be asleep.

Meg trying to "read." She sat there for like 5 minutes looking at the book too. And no, there aren't any pictures in it. haha.

Who needs toys when you have a box??


Whidget said...

Dora sits and "reads" my non picture books, too! I think she's trying to figure out what it is that so interests her mom! Adults are so weird. :P

Alan said...

Haha I love it. The orange hanging out of Meg's mouth is hilarious. And reading the book lol.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

haha love the pics! They are growing up so fast!! The orange smiles and the box were my favorites ones:)

Robin Conner said...

Such cute kiddos! Can't wait to see #3!

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