Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We love pictures!!

I've had like 4 posts in a row with no pictures. Sorry, none of these are of the house. I just feel nervous about posting those because 1) the people who used to live here will see them and I love those guys and still feel awkward that I'm living in their house, and 2) I don't have my pictures on the walls yet and I still have little piles everywhere. I just don't think I'm ready!
So without further ado, I give you some random pictures!
This picture cracks me up! Maybe you can't tell, but Carter totally has a butt crack in his diaper! He was reaching for something and Bo and I saw it and busted up laughing. We just had to get a picture. Those pants are his pirate costume pants. Yep. That's my boy!

Carter and I made this one morning during Meg's nap time. I thought it was pretty cool.

They're sort of playing together! I think this pic is tender. Ignore Carter's weird expression. haha.

Isn't she just sooooo cute!!! Basking in the sun.

We had some friends over to enjoy the nice weather outside. Sorry for the butt shot, Sequoia! Carter and Phoenix's head are in the back.

Game night with some friends. Meg was winning, hence the smile!

Carter unrolled the toilet paper all the way down the hall. Isn't he too old for that? It's actually a first for us.

We got him this kid's trampoline to help expend some of that extra energy he seems to have.

I think this is the best picture of all! I got Meg to take a bottle!! She hasn't been super consistent with it since this pic, but it's still progress!

Bo and I were in the other room playing Disney DDR when this happened. I was feeding Meg but had decided to take a short break, for said game, and Carter had decided to give her her own spoon full of peaches. She apparently had a good time. It was even in her hair!


The Boyce's said...

Yay for pictures! Your blog was getting really boring! haha j/k I have no room to speak! Once I have cute kids though, my blog will be the bomb! :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

meg is getting so cute!!! (not that she wasn't before, but I can definitely see more of her personality coming out rather then just baby pics...does that make sense, it was suppose to be a compliment!) and her hair looks way lighter now! i can't wait to meet her in person when you are in WA!!!! and that tramp looks awesome, Cambree would be in heaven if she had one of those!!!

Jackie said...

Your home looks lovely, I'm so excited for you.

I noticed you blogged late at night.

We need to come see you!

Meg's hair is getting long, and so cute!

Can I babysit?

Kevin and Eliza said...

Meg is so cute, so is Carter. In Meg I see so much of you. So did you buy the house or are you renting?


I want your living room rug! My couch is a brown like yours & my living room is decorated w/ brown & light blue & that would watch perfect... :-) Meg is so cute! I'm loving all that curly hair!!

Justin and Stephanie said...

You were able to move into a house! That is awesome! Hey Justin keeps interviewing with companies down in the south. Maybe we will be down in the "area" (that is really a relative term) in the next year. :o)

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

I love the bottle and peach picture. You gotta love Sumo baby.

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