Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Easter was a blast! Okay, maybe not the whole waking up at 6:30 in the am, but the rest of it went great!!
The day started out with Carter and Megan checking out their Easter baskets, okay mostly Carter, and ended with a big party! Carter got some candy, a shark towel, cars, and a book. Megan got a hippo towel, some Gerber puffs (she LOVES those), a toy, and new shoes.
After church I took a few pics of the kids in their Easter outfits and then it was nap time for them and Easter dinner prep for me.
We had some (some--ha!) friends over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I think there were more eggs at our house then there were at the ward party! Okay maybe not, but Carter certainly did a better job finding them the second time around (he'd had his first hunt the day before at the ward party).
So that was our Easter. It was really fun and we were dead tired by the end of it.
I tried really hard to explain to Carter the REAL reason we celebrate Easter and just how important the Savior is in our lives. I don't think it sunk in that much. Oh well. He's three.
These first three pics were taken at the ward party.

mmmmm baby. CANDY!!

This just cracked me up! This guy put one of the eggs on his head and NONE of the kids noticed for like 10 min. They all ran past him to find the eggs.

Easter morning. Bo and Megan look so tired. Carter and the cowboy hat. Oh he is funny.

It looks like he's the only one having fun. haha.

Easter outfits. They didn't get them for Easter because I had professional pictures taken earlier in them. I didn't want to confuse Carter. It was raining so Meg had a sweater on. The dress has darling sleeves.

I told Carter to give Meg a kiss and she totally mauled him!! That's how she gives kisses. I love it! I love my kids!

You won't believe me, but I actually DID NOT pose them this way. All Carter. Man my kids are cute!
Bri--notice the tongue??? hahaha

Carter with his pirate hat. Of course. When does he NOT have it on???

Everyone after the egg hunt in our backyard. It was such a lovely afternoon. It had rained all morning so we were really nervous, but the sun came out just in time and made it perfect!

Their new towels!! This was actually the first time they've taken a bath together too. Megan LOVED playing with the toys and splashing. It was her first time sitting up in the bath.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter with us! We had fun. And I have to say that I hate the first picture on your post...only b/c it shows my nice pot-belly! Yikes. I better work on that. :)

Andrea C. said...

Looks like you had so much fun! And your kids are sooo cute. Love the easter outfits and the pirate hat!

Briana said...

Steph - if you're worried about THAT pot belly - geesh!! Cass - I DID notice the tongue. I'll have to take a video of Gaven's new kisses with Jason, you'll appreciate it. Looks like a lot of fun. Don't you love being able to host things and have enough room?!!?

Ty and Dani said...

I love all the pics, but I am mostly in love with the towels and those really cute hoods! haha Ty is not in anywhere yet. He is on the wait list at VCU and Pacfic Northwestern. He just interviewed at ATSU in Mesa on Monday and we will find out this next week. Cross your fingers that one of these works!!!

Kevin and Eliza said...

Cute towels. Sounds like a nice time.

Whidget said...

Wow what a nice house!! I am really jealous you have such a nice backyard--that looks like the house your friends I visited used to live in--the ones with Eva... Is it?

Miss you guys! Love you!

Jackie said...

Stephanie, what are you even talking about! Good grief!

Cassidy! You live in a house! YEAH! How amazing.

We need to come visit you. Next weekend Lincoln hopefully isn't working--yeah!

Your kids are getting SO BIG! Meg is sitting up now! WOW!

Their Easter outfits are darling!

Emily said...

that totally caught me off guard to see Stew's cousins in your pictures. So crazy.I guess I remember stew telling me you guys were in the same ward. How cool. small world.

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