Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crazy busy

We have had some friends, the Katz family, in town for about a week and a couple of days, so life has been a little crazy. Fun, but still crazy. They have a 3 year old daughter that is actually only 6 days younger then Carter, and they also have a 10 mo. old little girl. That makes it a total of 4 kids and 4 adults hanging around my little apartment!! They actually are just at our place during the day. They are staying at their house at night. . .
They actually used to live here, but since IKE, they have been relocated to California. They came back to good ole Galveston for match day (Ben's graduating from med. school in a month) so that they could be with their fellow classmates when they found out where they would be going for residency, and they also came into town to wrap up a few things with their house.
Oh their house! Did I mention that we're moving? We are! Since the Katz's (?) are leaving, they have decided to rent their house out to none other then yours truly! Oh we are sooooo excited. A house, friends, a house!! We can hardly wait for the yard to put Carter in, not to mention 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!!! There's going to be so much room!
So between friends and the thought of moving (nope, I actually haven't started packing because the thought alone is enough to exhaust me), I have neglected my poor blog and whatever faithful readers I have left.
I apologize.
How about some pictures to make everything better? Oh okay. Here they are!

Oh. . . let me just say a quick story to explain the pictures. When we drove my parents to the airport a few weeks ago, my mom drew a pirate mustache and beard on Carter with her eyeliner while in the back seat with him. Since then Carter has bugged me a BILLION times to make him a pirate with my makeup. Well. . . one of those times was when Ava was at our house. That is why they both have mustaches, beards, and dark eyebrows. They're pirates of course!!!

awwwww. . . what's more tender then two 3 year olds with faces like pirates that are hugging??

Carter arranged these blocks this way all by himself. We thought it looked really cool so we had to take a picture of it!! I'm proud of him, it looked so neat!!


Donnie and Laura said...

They are so cute together, I hope they get married one day!!!!! And I love Carter's expression and pose in the last picture :)

Andrea said...

Love the pirate pictures. Good luck with the move. A much as I love going to a bigger and better place, it it tough moving. Are your headaches not going away? I hear sometimes people get them from their epidurals, though that's really rare.
how exciting to have a house , yard and 3 bedrooms! And glad you have two cars. That's nice on the budget.

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