Thursday, March 26, 2009

6 months!!

Oh this is sad. Megan's actually almost 7 months, but because I've been so busy, I forgot to post her stats!
Sorry Meg!!!

Megan is: (drum roll please)
weight: 19 lbs. 2 oz = 95 percentile ( I actually think the scale is wrong and that she's HEAVIER)
length: 26.2 in. = 70 percentile
head: 17 in. = 70 percentile
She's big and we LOVE it!!!

She's such a darling girl. She is sooooo good. She takes Carter in good stride. She is generally a happy baby, unless I leave, then apparently she is a wreck (according to Bo). What can I say? She loves her Mama.

In the past few weeks Meg has FINALLY figured out how to roll!! She can roll from her tummy and her back! She is also figuring out how to stay sitting up. Can she really be that old already??? *tear*-- lots of them.

She also is figuring out how to eat!! We started feeding her rice cereal, which she didn't take too well at first, but in the past couple of days she has finally gotten excited and opened her mouth for more. WHOHOO!!!!

Here are some pics of Meg and her first official bite of her rice cereal. Carter was the one who did the honors!


The Boyce's said...

That girl is so cute & so chunky! I just wish I would squeeze her! Too bad by the time I actually see her, it won't be cute to be chunky! hahaha

Lisa and Mike said...

Haha- it made me laugh when you said she's a great baby until she's left with Bo, because Emmett is the same way! I leave and he's pefectly happy, then I come home and he's a total wreck. It feels good to be loved doesn't it?

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