Monday, January 19, 2009

Zoo Time!!

So we got a call from some friends this morning telling us that the Zoo was free today and wanting to know if we wanted to go with them. Of course we jumped on the idea! It was such a perfect day too!!!
Our friends, the Smiths, have a little boy, Milo, who is Carter's age and they get along so well.. . . not to mention we LOVE Brad and Karrie. . . but those boys are so funny together. Anyways, we always have such fun when we hang out, so it was great to go spend some time with them at the zoo.
The weather was perfect too. It was sunny and in the mid 70's. Oh it was a fabulous day to be out. The zoo was kinda crowded (an understatement (edited by Bo)), go figure with free admission, but that didn't faze us too much. We saw almost everything there was to see. The only thing we missed out on was the birds, but after spending like 5 hours there, we were just too tired to go walking all the way across the park to go see them. eh.
Favorites of the day? To be honest I didn't see much because I pushed Meg around in the stroller and it was just too busy to get the stroller up to the front. I loved the monkeys though, I think they are so fun to watch. Really my favorite was watching the boys. They were funny. I think Carter's favorite was throwing bread into the fish pond and watching the Carp eat them. He loved everything though and after about 10 min. in the car on the way home he was asking to go back again. I think Meg just loved being out and about, and Bo says his favorite thing was the giant Pythons.
It was a great way to spend Martin Luther King day. Family, Friends, and Fun. Who could ask for more??? Thanks Brad, Karrie, and Milo!!
Carter, Milo, and some random girl, in a tunnel that goes through an Aquarium.

The gang, excluding yours truly. Poor Megan, you can't even see her.

Carter and Milo were so funny. They would chase each other around and play fight and all sorts of things. Here they are holding hands. awww.
Carter going down the slide at the Otter station

Carter and Milo in a Hermit Crab shell--sort of
Here are the boys in a tunnel at the Prairie Dog Exhibit. I love that Brad is there in the background. haha.


Tiffany Fackrell said...

How fun, I want to go to a zoo!!! Cambree would LOVE the zoo!!

Aika said...

hahaha... you went to the zoo too?? It must be zoo season. Cute pictures.

Donnie and Laura said...

That prairie dog tunnel is cool! Were the prairie dogs running around outside?

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

How cool! That looks great. I also enjoyed the fact that Brad is peeking through with the kids at the prairie dog exhibit. It seems age appropriate for him. :)

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