Monday, January 5, 2009

Sea World!!

So as mentioned before, Bo's Christmas present to me was a shopping trip to San Marcos, TX, which is right next to San Antonio. We left on Monday, the 29th of Dec., and stayed in San Marcos overnight. Bo and Carter tried having fun in the hotel room while I shopped and shopped! Party!

The next day we shopped till early afternoon and then drove over to San Antonio, where we had reserved a hotel for two nights right by Sea World. That's right. . . SEA WORLD!! We had figured earlier in the month, that if we weren't going to home for Christmas, then we needed to do something fun, you know, since Christmas obviously isn't enough. :) right. Anyways, we figured, why not? So on the 31st, New Years Eve, we went to Sea World, and let me just tell you that it was F U N. We loved it! We definitely need to go again before we leave Texas, who knows when that will be. . .

Highlights of Sea World were the Dolphin Show, it was amazing, and touching a dolphin. That's right friends, I TOUCHED a DOLPHIN!! I can die happy now. We got to the park at 10, when it opened, and went straight to this little roller coaster ride for Carter. Then we went to the Sea Lion show, which was hilarious. It was soooo funny. They even had the walrus do sit ups at the end. Oh we laughed hard. After that we went on the roller coaster more and then headed over to the Dolphin Show. Seriously, the show really was the highlight of the day. It was sooooo cool. They had divers doing crazy dives from all sorts of heights and even swings, synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and of course the dolphins doing awesome stunts. WOW.

After the Dolphin Show, we went and checked out the alligators and turtles and ate lunch. I might mention that Megan was sleeping THE WHOLE TIME. She probably slept from about 11 to 3:30. It was great to be able just enjoy the day and not worry about her. After lunch we then walked around the park and found a log ride that they would let Carter go on. That was fun. The best part was that we didn't even get wet! We then went and looked at the rest of the park and saw saw some flamingos and ducks, and well actually there might have been more, but that's when Meg woke up and decided she was hungry.

After feeding her we went and saw the dolphins, where we were able to feed them fish. We tried touching them, but they wouldn't come close enough for that. Still way cool though. After that we hurried over and watched the Shamu Show. That was a really neat show. Not as entertaining as the dolphin one, but still way cool. Shamu did this awesome flip along with some other stunts.
When that show was over, it was like a half hour till the park closed, so we rushed back over to the Dolphin Cove to go see the dolphins one more time. Bo bought me some fish (he fed them the first time) and I was able to feed them and that is when I got the opportunity to touch them. I probably fed all my fish to that dolphin in under 2 min. I couldn't help it! It would pat my hand begging for more fish, and of course I had to give in! Luckily the dolphin still stuck around when the fish were gone to let Bo get a chance to touch it too.

So anyways, after that it was time to go back to hotel. We went back and had dinner and watched TV and then crashed at like 10. That's right friends. We didn't stay up till midnight. We were just too tired. Party poopers big time. Oh well. We had a good time sleeping! Happy New Year!

So that was our trip. It was exhausting but oh so fun. Carter was so tired. I was so tired. We all were. ha. I might mention that the hotels both had indoor pools and hot tubs, so we had a blast swimming too. Good times.

Carter and Bo on the roller coaster. They are third row back.
Carter waiting for the Dolphin Show to start.

Carter and Me on the log ride.
Bo and Carter.

Carter loved Sea World. I might add that he thinks that Shamu is a "naughty dolphin" because he thinks Shamu has a grumpy face. Which to a 2 year old I guess is how the black and white on its face might look.

Bo and Carter feeding the dolphins.

If you look closely you can see the instructor diving off of Shamu.

I'm touching a dolphin!!!

Megan's just chillin' after a long day.

I love this picture. It looks like its just me on this little kid roller coaster. Ha. I promise Carter was right next to me.


Briana said...

Yeah! So much fun! We had a blast when we took the boys in March. We said the same thing about needing to go again before we leave TX. I think the boys will enjoy it even more when they are big enough for more of the rides and such! Glad you had so much fun!

Stephanie said...

Yay! So glad you enjoyed yourselves. Sea World is so much fun! I love that place. Feeding the dolphins was my fav too.

Robin Conner said...

How fun! I bet it was the perfect time to go! We went in July and it was HOT!!! But still tons of fun! Dolphins were my favorite too! Glad you had such a fun time!

Whidget said...

We are going to the Baltimore aquarium on Wed!! Eli has decided he loves dolphins (we showed him videos on You tube!) Anyhow, I am so excited now--I really wish we lived close to Sea World! Miss you guys!!!

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

Cass, I just love reading your blog, it makes my day. Miss you and wish we lived closer to each other! The good news is that all of Ryan's family is in Houston, so I'm sure we'll be seeing you when he gets back!

Fran Stephenson said...

So glad you had fun during your trip to SeaWorld. Hope you get a chance to come back.

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