Thursday, January 8, 2009

Note Worthy Things

I have forgotten to post these items, my bad. . . I know. Anyways, here they are:

1. We had our five year anniversary on the 27th of December! Five years! It's crazy how fast time flies. I love my husband. He is just so perfect for me. We balance each other out so well. I had my brother make him these fancy shmancy pens out of wood, which of course Bo doesn't want to use because he doesn't want to ruin them. I'm still trying to get him to use them. huh. I tried. Bo attempted to get me flowers but since the power was out for a couple of hours that night, none of the stores were open. We had decided to have a simple anniversary because we were going to Sea World the next week and we'd already gone on a date the week before.

2. Bo had his birthday on Jan. 4th! He is now 28 years old. Crazy crazy. I can't believe we are both closer to 30 then 20. Kinda sad. If I do say so, I think he looks like one hot 28 year old. I love this man.
Bo got a cordless drill. Exciting, I know. He also got Tom Petty's Greatest Hits.

3. My baby is 4 months old today. I can't believe it's been four months, and yet, thanks to the hurricane, it feels like it's been so much longer. Funny how that works. My baby is getting old! Okay I know she's only 4 mo., but pretty soon it'll be 6 mo., and then a year.. . . *sigh* Megan is a wonderful baby. She is so funny. She's discovered her voice and loves to hear herself squeal. She can be loud too. Oh I love this stage. She also loves to put things in her mouth. She's just now trying to figure out her hands and how to kinda grab things. If something touches her hand she'll immediately grab it and usually try putting it in her mouth. She's also turned into quite the thumb/hand sucker. She makes me laugh. I love her.

4. My other baby turns 3 this week. Carter will be 3 on Saturday. THREE!!!! Yikes. Wow. I'm kinda sad. I'll let you know how the party goes. He's having a pirate birthday party and is soooo excited.

5. I'm worried that Meg is sick. She kinda felt hot this morning but I was too busy to take her temperature. She's been sleeping for the last 4 hours. Very unlike her. She has hardly eaten anything this morning. She didn't do well with what she ate last night. I'm very worried. Sick babies make me sad. I hope she's okay. I'm one of those mom's who stresses and worries A TON. I just read a friend's blog, Korbi, and she found out her baby had RSV. Now of course I'm wiggin' out that my baby could have that. Or the croup (seems like everyone has had that lately), or something worse. Simmer down, Cass.

That's all. Those are my comments. Out.


Jackie said...

That horse costume makes me so happy! I love it!

Happy Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, new year, 4 month mark to all of you!

Let's hang out soon! Movie?

Ryan and Haley Krumblis said...

You guys ARE getting old!!! Lol. Tell everyone happy birthday! Can't wait till we live closer! Your kids are TOO cute! Remember, your kids are going to be my kids cousins, (since I have no siblings, you are going to have to be an aunt!) Love yoU!

Adespain said...

Hi Cassidy! Found your blog via Crystal's. Looks like you guys are doing great! My husband starts med school this fall, I bet you know what we're in for better than I can guess!

Anyways, I still appreciate all the rides Bo gave me when we worked at Intramurals. Glad to you guys are all doing well!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

YAY! Happy Anniversay! I knew you got married on the Dec. 27 but I didn't know it was the same day that I got married. How cool is that!. Happy b-day to your hubby. I'm so glad you guys are having fun. You deserve it. I totally understand what you mean I get stress for my kids very easy. I hope she gets better soon. Carter he is such a cutie. Happy b-day for him too and eat a piece of cake on my name:)

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Hey, 28 yr. old husbands are NOT old. They are just WAY more sexy (can ya guess how old Mike is...). Anyway, the pirate party totally rocked dude! I especially loved how "helpful" Carter's friends were in opening presents and blowing our candles.

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