Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love this girl!!!

Seriously, HOW CUTE IS SHE????? I just want to squeeze her all day!

My friend Jana gave me Meg's sunglasses as a baby gift. Aren't they the best? Don't ask me why, but when I was evacuating I grabbed those instead of the many other things I could have used.

He looks like genius material to me!

So we are still here in Moses Lake. We found out that Bo's school is delayed till the 20th of October. We changed our tickets and are now planning on heading home to Galveston on the 14th.

I just wanted to comment on a few of the little things I've noticed between Megan and when Carter was a baby:

Megan loves to hear music and singing. Carter HATED it. Seriously. He would get more fussy and cry, while Meg just relaxes and soaks it in.

Megan and Carter both have a cleft chin. Meg's isn't as prominant as Carter's but then again, she is also bigger then he was, meaning she has a little more meat on that chin and those cute cheeks.

Megan doesn't like the binky. This KILLS me. Carter loved it. Meg took to nursing right away, while it took Carter a few days, so you'd think she'd be down with the pacifier more so than he was. NOPE. Oh well. I guess you can't win them all.

Carter slept through the night at 2 months. Meg slept from 10:30 till 4 am two nights in a row at 3 weeks! I hope she is like her brother and sleeps through the night by 2 months, although if she chooses to do so earlier that is fine by me too!

That's all. There are more I'm sure, I just can't think of them at the moment.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Cassidy, Megan is darling. You're so good with her, too. I'm glad you're here for awhile.

Mannclan02 said...

Hey Cass-
If you REALLY want her to take the binky, don't give up. Carsen took to it really easily, but with Gaven it was a lot more work. He loves it now.

Conner Clan said...

Megan is absolutely beautiful! She is just so squishable! I love squishy babies, you just want to eat them, not literally! :)
I'm glad things are going okay. Best of luck when you go back to the "mess".

Jordon and Terra said...

Cute pics! I'm glad you guys are enjoying your time in Washington, I wish I could come to visit SOO bad! But anytime you want to come to New York you just say the word, we actually have a bedroom AND a living room now! Exciting stuff!

Korbi said...

I still can't believe that I've only seen you thatone day at the church. Life just doesn't seem to stop huh? She is a doll

Jackie said...

WOW! She's gotten bigger since I saw her last!

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