Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog worthy

The other day two cans of pop fell out of the box on top of our fridge. It was one of those slow motion events. You know. . the kind where you can see it happening and in your head you are screamin "Noooooooooo" and it just still happens, but very slowly in your mind. Yeah. Pop was EVERYWHERE. Actually four cans fell, but only two exploded. We had pop all over the ceiling, cupboards, floor, fridge, fridge magnets and paper, toys, you name it, and me. I was sprayed from head to toe. Bo was behind me, so while he saw the whole thing, he didn't get a drop on him because I thoughtfully blocked it. Oh man it was bad. When the cans were finally done fizzing, Bo and I just looked at each other in shock and then busted up laughing, me a little hysterically. When it was all said and done and clean up was FINALLY over, Bo turned to me and commented, "Now this is something to blog about."


Jackie said...

HAHAHA. Glad it happened to you!

Bo should have taken a picture!

HAHAHA. That's funny. For sure blog worthy!

I miss you!

Conner Clan said...

That was quite the event. and Yes, blog worthy. I hope you're doing okay and getting over the "grumpy grumpy" stage! :) I hope things are looking up for you all! Post pics of Megan soon, they grow and change so fast! :)

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