Saturday, September 6, 2008

No baby yet

So I think if I had just walked around, instead of taking it SUPER EASY on Wednesday night, I could have had her then. I was in some serious pain with pretty regular contractions. My problem was that Bo had two big tests in the next two days, and I didn't want him to miss them, considering he has been studying like crazy for them. So I layed down and took it way easy.
Yeah. Now here I am, ready to go, and nada!!! I'm ready. I have everything ready to go, the bags are packed, Bo has the week off, Carter is pumped to go stay at Jackie's, and no contractions! Or at least painful ones anyway.
Let me just say that when I went into my Dr.'s appt. 2 weeks ago, the Dr. said he "moved things around" for me when he was checking me. I was only 1 cent. then. Last appt., which was on Tuesday, he checked me again, said I was almost a 2, and then he did some wonderful painful jabbing and claimed he "stirred things up" for me again. I'm guessing he stripped my membranes and so forth but nothing is going on! DAH!
I've walked the mall and everything else, hiked the stairs a bunch, scrubbed my house, did jumping jacks (yes I actually did), and I'm not getting anywhere. Help friends! I'm sorry, but I don't think I can force myself to drink Castrol Oil. 4 days to go. She'd better not be late. The Dr. said he would induce me on the 14th if all else. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to wait that long.


Korbi said...

I got stripped 3 times and it finally worked. There's nothing you can do, it's like me, I tried EVERYTHING! I feel for you, it feels like I was there so long ago, but it was only 5 months, crazy! Just think in 5 months, you won't remember any of this and you will be ready for another one... :) I will pray for you. That worked on my first one, I got down on my knee and told Heavenly Father that this was it, I couldn't go one more day, and I went into labor that night. :) Best wishes!

Stephanie said...

Oh man...I feel for you! I know how that is. I hope she comes soon.

Jackie said...

More lunges?

Conner Clan said...

Poor mamma. She'll be out soon enough. I know the last few days seem like an eternity, but it will happen eventually! I know you love hearing that cause you want it NOW!!! Best of luck this week! I'll be thinking of ya and praying for you! You're going to do great! :)


Be glad you didn't take castor oil...I've heard horror stories about mothers getting major diahrea while giving birth from doing that!!(Lovely I know)

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