Thursday, September 4, 2008


So last week I was supposed to go to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with my cousin Jackie. We met at the mall (Bo had Carter) and walked over to the theater, only to find out that it wasn't showing anymore. We, of course, were big time disappointed until we happened to walk by a nail salon. I think it was meant to be. Jackie and I went in and got some pretty wonderful pedicures, and now I have pretty toes to get me through labor!! It was really fun and EXACTLY what I needed. Ahhhh.

This week, and last week, Bo has been studying like crazy for some tests he has. I have been pretty bored at night, so last minute I went and rented PS, I Love You, without reading what it was about. I knew it was a girl movie, and that was enough. Well friends, let me tell you, it's not exactly the best thing to watch when you are already super SUPER hormonal. I think I lost about 5 pounds in tears. No joke. I bawled the whole time. Really. Bo says I'm no longer allowed to watch anything close to that in the future.

It was a good movie though. Really it was. There was a naked butt scene, but other then that it wasn't too bad. The only thing that really really bugged me, besides the butt scene, was the main actress' headbands. She wore a lot of them and I just don't think she looked good in them. Funny thing to notice, I know. It definetly had some funny parts, so I would have tears running down my face and then just bust up laughing. For those who don't know what it's about, it's about a woman who's husband dies and her finding letters he's left for her. Very good, but I just was too into it and could just picture how I'd be with Bo gone. Not good for someone about to have a baby. haha. I sometimes cry in movies, I admit it, but I have never NEVER had to use a tissue before. Yeah, when the movie was done I had a pile of them. I think I used like 5. oh goodness. I think I am going to have to hold off on movies like that for awhile.



If they took out the bum-naked scene and another small spot or two, I'd have to say that "P.S. I love you" was the best chick flick EVER!! I bawled so hard (I couldn't help but think of my mom and her losing my dad during most of it) and laughed so hard at other times!! After LOVING Phantom of the Opera, I was SOOO excited to see Gerard Butler in another movie. Is it just me or do you love his Irish accent?? I'm thinking he needs to be a narrator for the Scriptures on CD...they'd make a lot more money on selling those!! Haha!!

Jackie said...

I miss you. Boy could I use some Cassidy time.

Korbi said...

read the book, it's better. :)

DJ and Melissa said...

Uh, I bawled my eyes out during that movie as well. I watched it while DJ was gone in Washington D.C. on a business trip. We had just gotten engaged so I was pretty protective of him. After that movie I was super paranoid that something would happen to him before we got married. Man, that made the next month really stressful. But I agree, I adore that movie and I really didn't mind the butt scene :), but I was married yet.

Aika said...

holy moly, i am laughing so hard. never saw it, but i'm not too sure if i want to, if i'm going to cry like crazy? thanks for the warning.

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