Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Look and Leave

So Galveston had what they called a "Look and Leave" yesterday.  Basically they let on anyone with proof of residency on the island from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Bo and I found out about it at about noon, and as soon as we heard the news, we got in our car and took off.  When we got close to the island we got stuck in the traffic trying to get on the Island too.  We waited at least an hour and a half in line.  We were able to get on though, and it was only later in the evening that we heard how lucky we were.  Apparently not long after we got on they started turning people away because it was just too much.  The emergency crews were having trouble getting on the island because of all the traffic.  They were originally going to do the Look and Leave every day, but now they aren't.  Bo says they might start it up again, but in smaller doses.  
When we got close to the island you could really start to see lots of destruction.  It really was sad. I, of course, took pictures of some of the places around where we live.  Let me just say that our neighborhood didn't even get that much damage compared to other places. So these pictures are only a GLIMPSE of some of the destruction. 
Luckily our apartment is okay!  Some of the siding and such from the apartments next to ours were ripped off, but our building made it through!  I have no clue if the first floor received any flooding.  My guess is that it did, considering the neighborhood next to us had their homes under 4 feet of water.  My poor friend Jana, lived in that neighborhood and had us check on her house.  The whole place was soaking, which only tells me that all the other houses recieved the same damage, and this is damage that isn't visible on the outside!  
After leaving the island, I was big time depressed.  It is going to take a lot of effort and time to get the place working again.  Poor poor Galveston.  I hope all my other friends that evacuated are doing okay.  After seeing the damage and realizing just how long it will take to get the island close to working, Bo and I came home and bought tickets to Washington.  We are going to go home for a while.  School sent an email out saying not to expect classes to start up till Oct. 6th at the EARLIEST.  So that is what we are going to do.  We have been very blessed from our friends/family here, but hate the idea of imposing on them for 3 more weeks, even though they say it's okay.  
The following 6 pictures were taken on our drive to get on the island.  The first one is a pic of what used to be a billboard.

This was taken through my window, so it doesn't look very clear, but notice the upside down boat out in the water?

The picture below is our apartment building.  It looks fine, but look at the car.  It totally got moved in the storm.

These next two pictures are of boats on 61st street, a road you take to get over to my part of town.



Donnie and Laura said...

omigosh I cannot believe those pictures! :( on another note, your texting abilities are really improving :)

The Kennedy's said...

WOW that is devistating. I feel so bad you are stranded and wished you could just go home. But you have to keep thinking about how blessed you are and you have your new baby and she is healthy. Good luck and hope all goes well.

Korbi said...

so glad your apartment made it! Yeah! Let me know if you need baby girl clothes or boys clothes or anything! A group of us meet at Montlake Park at 11 am every Thursday.

Jenn said...

I am so glad you guys have been blessed with safety. My family actually lived in Galvastan when I was 5-6. We lived through Huricane Alisha, and watched house after house destroyed by the storm, while ours was untouched. Have fun in Washington! (your baby girl is absolutely adorable!)

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