Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Florida!!! Day One, Universal Studios

We did it.  We finally joined Whitney and Bridget's crew at Florida!  After months of anticipation, and last minute decisions of leaving Perry with my parents instead of bringing him along, we arrived in Orlando Sunday evening, ready to have fun.  First stop, Universal Studios!!  We saw Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, meet some Dr. Seuss characters, watch some Action Heroes drive off on 4 wheelers, eat good food, and of course, ride some fun rides!!  Day one was a success!  The best part was being with Whit's family.  The kids were all the same ages and got along wonderfully.  And the fact that Bo and I REALLY like Whitney, Bridget, and Carla helped too. 
The random banana on the van picture at the bottom was funny.  It was Whitney's rental, and somehow that peel got left on their bumper.  It made it the whole drive home too.  It provided some comedy for me and Bo.

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