Thursday, March 26, 2015

Florida, Day FOUR

We spent our last day in Florida at Universal Studios again.   We saw a bunch of characters that day.  Some just out in the park, and some from the Character breakfast that we got tickets to.  The kids were thrilled every time.  I think my favorite character picture was the one with the pharaoh guy on stilts with Carter.  Carter and I had gone to ride on The Mummy ride, way cool by the way, and afterwards this guy just came up to us and motioned for me to take a pic with him and Carter.  Uhhhh, okay.....  He never spoke.  The shrunken head from the Harry Potter bus was funny.  The driver would talk to Carter, and then the shrunken head, in a Jamaican accent would start talking and joking with Carter too.  FUN! 
I took pictures of Whit's family on the Woody Woodpecker ride.  Just swap their heads out and imagine ours, because we went on that ride a jazillion times.  True story.  The kids loved that ride and it's line was short. 
Bo took Meg and Derrick around for a bit in the little kid area and Carter and I rushed back to Diagon Alley one last time, which was when we went on The Mummy and saw the HP bus.  In the picture of Carter in front of Sirius Black's home, note the curtain pushed aside.  At that moment, Kretcher, the House Elf, was just about to peek out the window, which totally freaked me out!  Ha!
We ended the day with the kids pretending to ride the waves, while Bridget and I went and used up the rest of our meal plan money on Cinnabon and Chocolate milks for the gang.
WHEW!!  What a trip.  SO FUN.  It was great to finally go to Orlando, and to be able to spend it with family was even better!!

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