Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Derrick!!

Derrick turned FOUR on Saturday. FOUR!!!  
Miraculously, he was a happy boy on his birthday. I say this because the whole week leading up to this day, whenever anyone would mention derricks upcoming day, he would get super grumpy and say"No birthday!"  
I'm guessing it was the presents and cake that made him realize that he wanted to have a birthday. 
Derrick asked for a super hero cake, so I went all out and made FOUR. I'm pretty proud of my work :). Derrick also chose to go to a local trampoline jumping place for his birthday instead of Chuck E Cheese *gasp*. 
He had such a good day that by the end of the day he was declaring his love for birthdays. Success!
Derrick boy, we love you so much. You make our hearts full. 


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