Friday, January 16, 2015

Wolverine, but not really.

I'm sure I've posted this dozens of times, but Derrick is obsessed with dress ups. Dress ups and puzzles. Anyways, this morning Derrick had his wolverine costume on and then said to me "guess what mom, I'm really Derrick!" Me " no way!" Him: "I am!"  He then took his mask and said, "see?? Its Derrick!!"  
Oh that boy, he's so cute. 
On another note, Megs told Bo today that she only likes hot boys. Bo then asked her what hot boys were. "Boys that look cool."  Oh no.  The best part was Bo telling me that this was a conversation that he was hoping to delay for 10 years and that maybe he should go shutgun shopping. 

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Katie said...

Love. My little boys love to dress up, too. And you better watch that girl! I think a shotgun shopping trip very well may be in order. :)

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