Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Bo!!!

Yesterday we headed over to Seattle to work on Carter's pinewood derby car at Ivin's , since he's the expert on those. 😃 
We meant to return last night so that we could beat a snow storm, but unfortunately that didn't happen. 
Trying to leave as quickly as we could so that we could make snoqualmie pass before chains became mandatory (which we don't have) , we ended up NOT getting out early enough, so we decided try a different way and go over Whites Pass, where there was no mandatory chain rule. 
The drive added an hour and a half, but it was sooooo pretty. 
And that's what we did for Bo for his birthday 😃. 
Someone gave Bo this giant gummy bear , and the kids are giving Bo some accessories for his new truck, along with a case for his new cell phone. 
Happy Birthday, Bo. We love you so much and think that you are the absolute best dad in the whole world. You are my hero!!

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