Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Derrick Boy

That Derrick of mine, he's just darling.  He seriously is the sweetest boy ever.  He loves playing with his siblings, sitting next to me (anywhere and everywhere and always), singing, doing chores --especially the laundry, and he is the absolute best at giving compliments.
Since this past Christmas he has been taking naps with me, and when we lay down on my bed, he wraps his arm across my face and strokes my hair. LOVE.
A few weeks ago I was getting ready to go somewhere and he said to me "you look really pretty, Mom." And then the next day he told me my hair was beautiful. :) (it was in a pony too. :) )
Derrick absolutely loves Perry.  He hasn't been jealous one bit. When I take showers, I lay Perry on the rug outside the shower, to keep an eye on him, and the last few days I've done this, I've spotted Derrick lying on the floor next to him, smiling and chatting with him. So precious.  I've also seen Derrick sing to Perry when Perry has been crying and upset. I told you, he's darling!
Tonight, in order to get Derrick to fold his arms for family prayer, i told him to show Perry how we fold his arms, so he did, and then all through the prayer Derrick kept commenting, "like this Perry, like this! "
Yep, I'm in love and slightly obsessed with this cute 3 year old of mine.  He amazes me every day.  He knows his alphabet! He taught himself to write the letters P, H, and O.  He can count to 12, knows what those numbers look like, and can name NUMEROUS shapes, including a hexagon and octagon. 
Oh Derrick, you are so special.  We love you in this family, and I'm so extremely grateful to be your mom and watch you grow.

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Laura said...

Now that is just precious!! How did he get to be so sweet?!

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