Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

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Cassie said...

First of all, I promise I am not a stalker. My name is Cassie and we are moving to Tri-cities in June! My mom lives in Kennewick and one of her friends told her about you guys getting hired by Kadlec? I'm not sure who this mystery person was (someone that is related to you guys). My mom then called to tell me because my husband was hired by Kadlec too. We live in Akron Ohio and are just finishing up EM residency. Oh how I can't wait until he is done! After I found out about you guys I thought it would be fun to contact you, because you are going through exactly what we are! I lived in Kennewick from the time I was 1 to age 10 but don't remember much about it. We then moved to Spokane and my husband grew up in Seattle area. If you would like an invite to our blog or would like to email me feel free. We just bought a house in South Richland and are going through the final steps and hope to move straight into it. We look forward to meeting you guys! Congrats on the job :)

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