Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

This year Bo's schedule didn't give us anytime to go out and chop down our own tree, so we settled on picking one up at a local grocery store.  The kids still had fun, and our house still smells great, so all parties were happy. 
After decorating the tree, out came the Christmas Jammies!!  This year I was too tired and busy to find matching pajamas, shocking, I know, but they still had new Christmas pjs, so I wasn't a complete failure. :)  After the tree and jammies were on, the hot chocolate was made and some sort of Christmas movie was watched.  Operation: Set up Christmas Tree was a success!
The next night (?) the kids decorated their own mini candy Christmas Trees.  I didn't feel up to buying lots of candy and having huge messes (pregnant, remember?) so this was a nice, fun, cheap, and new activity for them.  They loved it!  I think the tree's lasted maybe a few hours before being eaten. :)

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