Saturday, February 8, 2014

Christmas Outfits.

Let me just start by saying that if I can find a way to get my kids to match, I will. Even better is if I can find the right sizes in clothes so that my boys can be wearing the same outfits.  Yes, I'm that kind of mom, and I don't plan on changing anytime soon.  Sorry kids. Let me just say though that Carter LOVES matching Derrick. Really loves it.  True story.
So I found Meg's dress like back in October or September and just HAD to buy it.  I just had to.  It's darling!  Since I already had a dress for her and matching pants (shocking!) for the boys, all I needed to do was find some kind of top for the boys that matched Meg's dress and still was seasonal.  These sweaters were the best find ever!  Blue and silver AND red!
And there you have it! My darling kids in their darling outfits. 
Now to start shopping for Easter.....

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