Monday, May 27, 2013

The Mark Twain Caves

So I have been trying to post this blog for like two weeks, but for some reason Blogger and my computer were just not having it.  So even though this blog is like 2 months late, the last two weeks weren't my fault. hahaa.\
So after leaving Nauvoo, we drove with the Heslops about an hour south to Hannibal, MO to visit the Mark Twain Caves. 
The caves were fun to explore, and our guide did a great job storytelling and got lots of laughs out of us.  We are now hooked on cave exploring, and have made plans to go to the Mammoth Caves next as a group! 
ps... Syd and I found headlamps at Target and got them for the kids to use in the caves.  Cool, eh?
 Swimming at the hotels!  Probably the kids' favorite part of the whole Nauvoo/Cave trip.

 All though the cave are signatures and date stamps from people who explored the caves in the past.  This is the oldest one I could find.  If you can read it, it says 1893!

 Yep, there were bats in the cave.  Tiny ones.  I think we saw 3.

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Andrea McEntire said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Those head lamps for the kids are adorable! I love how their favorite part of the trip was the pool at the hotel. I was the same way when I was a kid. :) Miss you girl!

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