Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Easter! Better late than never.....

Easter.  Yeah.  That was what, the last Sunday in March?  And it's May?  Ouch.
So Easter was the Sunday after we came back from our trip to Nauvoo and the Mark Twain Caves.  Since we were feeling lonely after leaving our good friends, the Heslops, we decided to invite some of our local Avon/ward friends, the Crooks and Daleys, over to celebrate the holiday with us!
We had lots of yummy food, good conversations, and an Easter Egg Hunt!
We might have picked a favorite child to take pictures of during the hunt. :)  They are so fun to watch when they are little! 
And a side note....Meg has been really into changing her clothes like 3 times a day.  And most of the time, if not all, she's changing into her dance leotards and tights.  So please, don't judge me on her outfit in these pictures.  hahaa.  I love that she does this and think it's great.  She's only going to be like this for so long.


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Stormie said...

Better late than never! That's so fun that Megan changes clothes. Miyah does that too. It's really cute (but it's also hard to know what's clean and dirty). Fun easter egg hunt!

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