Friday, March 8, 2013

"Put it on the list!"

Megan has somehow gotten it into her head, or maybe just refuses to get it OUT of her head, that a Christmas list can and should be compiled all. year. long.  That's right.  Wherever we go, if she sees something she likes she says, "Mom, put this on the list!"  The part that cracks Bo and me up is that she's content with our answer of "okay," without us once pulling out the so called "list" and writing it down.  Seriously though, if we actually made up a list, it would be about as thick as a dictionary by now.  It's that bad.  So I'm writing this down so I can remember her in this stage.

Megan also has the best, and I mean BEST imagination ever. She can hold a pretty long conversation with whatever imaginary person she is talking too.  She's gone to balls with princes, fought bad guys with her fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (she is a pink girl turtle and has a bow on her forehead--told you she has a great imagination), been a horse in a magical horse kingdom, and pretty much anything in between.  Megan can usually be found in her room, playing with her princesses and chatting away to herself and making up different voices for all the characters in her story.  And she'll play like that for an hour!  I just love watching her and listening to what she says.  She says the funniest things, and I need to do better at writing them down.  Bo and I will often nudge each other,grinning, and nod to her, because if she catches us looking or talking about her, she stops and gets shy. 

Megan's latest most favorite thing is to watch Barbie movies, especially Barbie's Princess and the Popstar.  And if she's not watching it, she's going around the house singing the songs, dancing the dances, and pretending to be every character in the movie, although the Popstar is her favorite. :)  You also can't sing with her.  It has to be only her.  Pure Diva.

Megan can write her name and is trying her very hardest to read.  It's pretty awesome.  She can read three letter words that are pretty basic, and I just sit in awe and watch her. She's awesome.  Oh yeah, and lately she refuses to write Megan, but instead writes Meg and then a heart, to stand for Megan Love, which is one of my nicknames for her.  Funny,  right?  That girl has the biggest opinions.  I love her!!

That's all for now.  Loving that girl and everything about her!


Stormie said...

She's reading? WOW! Is she going to school this next year or does she have to wait another year? This was so fun to read. I wish Miyah and Megan could play with each other; sounds like they'd still get along well. Funny enough, Miyah does something similar with the wish list. Except that her bday is in a month so she tells me to add stuff to her bday list. It's super long too. Basically anything pretty or princessy she sees she wants. :)

Tiffany Fackrell said...

This is why her and cambree get along so well, they are exactly alike! We need to see you again!

Lindsay Adams said...

I love her, too!

Michelle said...

I DO stalk your blog, but I'll do a better job commenting every once in awhile instead of just being a creeper. ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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