Monday, March 25, 2013

Derrick's Birthday!!

We were in Washington when Derrick turned 2, so we were able to celebrate with cousins galore!  We actually celebrated Derrick's birthday for like 3 days.  On his actual birthday we had a yummy dinner and sang happy birthday.  Kinda lame, but we wanted to wait for Bo to be with us for the presents.  Bo flew in the next day, which was Friday the 15th.  We celebrated Friday by letting Derrick open some presents from us.  Then on Sunday we celebrated with a piñata at Ivin's house with all his kids and Derrick opened up a present from them.  The last celebration was on Monday at The Fun Zone in Seattle with all of the Beus family, plus Christina and kids.  Derrick got cookies on that day and everyone sang and he got to open yet another present.  Lucky kid.  Carter was pretty darn jealous that Derrick's birthday seemed to keep going and going.

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Lindsay Adams said...

Happy Birthday! Oh, how I love him!

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