Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rasberry Picking!

While my mom was here, I took advantage of her help and went to a local farm that lets you pick your own raspberries! This place was pretty cool. Obviously you still had to pay for the stuff you picked, but you should have seen the many things they had there. They had scores and scores of apple fields, along with quite a few raspberry patches, pumpkin patches, a pond that you could fish out of, and so much more.
We didn't end up getting that much raspberries because it was mostly just my mom picking. haha. Carter was pretty good for awhile, but then he got a hold of the camera. Meg... yeah she was no help. She kept wanting to pick the little white ones, you know, the ones that aren't even CLOSE to being ripe. She thought they were "cute little baby ones." (imagine me smacking my forehead). That girl. I didn't pick hardly any either, since that was when my back was really bad.
We only picked about a half of a buckets worth when it was all over, but it was enough to have a good time, get out of the house, and to make yummy raspberry milkshakes (go figure) and a peach-raspberry pie with. YUM.
Now that my back is better, we'll have to go again, and this time be serious about it! We want some jam!

My mom, Carter, and Meg. Don't those bushes look pathetic? Yeah, we're having a drought here in Indiana, and apparently it has made the raspberry patches kindof pathetic and small. After this picture was taken we found some bigger bushes.

Meg holding whatever she and I collected. We really had quite a pathetic pile of raspberries.

This is what Meg did pretty much the whole time.

These next photos are compliments of Carter's mad skills.

Yeah, Derrick wasn't such a fan of our adventure, and even less of a fan of Carter sticking the camera in his face. But isn't that the cutest face?????


Jordon and Terra said...

How fun! And that pie sounds so yummy! Gonna have to get your recipe for that! :) And I love Carter's pictures, I'm impressed! Derrick is getting so big! What a cutie! Oh, and that is hilarious that Meg thought the little white ones were cute little baby ones. I can totally see Hallie doing the same thing. Gotta love our little girly girls! :)

Alan said...

Nice photo work Carter!

Stormie said...

Love the pictures! And so jealous of Jenn, she said she got to see you last week! Hopefully I'll get to see you sometime this fall!

Whidget said...

Great shot of the raspberry and his eye. I am kind of impressed with Carter actually!


Samantha said...

Cass that little derrik is ADORABLE.

Katie said...

I've got to say, Carter is getting pretty good with that camera. That self portrait eye shot? Amazing! :)

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