Monday, September 12, 2011

More Children's Museum

I don't know if I posted enough pictures with this blog....
We took another trip to the Children's Museum. Man, it would've been nice having a place like this when I was a kid! The price you pay to live in a small farming community. My kids have no clue how good they have it. :)
Anyways, like I've said before, this place is great. My kids are always begging to go here. I think I might actually be going again with just Meg this week. We have to hit up the Barbie section one more time before they close it down to make room for a new exhibit. Frogs. Pssshh. Like that could EVER compare to Barbie. ;)
So yeah, here are some pictures of the fun time we had the other day. This time we went to the science section, a part we hadn't been to before, so that was fun.

Carter was obsessed with the hula hoops.

Pretending to be asleep.

This was a tunnel where they could look into a pond and see fish.

My couch potatoes.

You could move this truck by peddling with your hands. Carter LOVED it.

Carter is steering the crane.

Playing with the water. If you pulled on the ropes, you could move buckets of water. Kind of hard, hence me having to use my foot to help pull, in the picture below.

Building a boat.


Kevin and Eliza said...

Super cool, if we ever go there some day, the museum sounds like a must. How fun!

Maddie Jane said...

That Museum sure Soundslike a good one.

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