Thursday, June 16, 2011

The hike to Ancient Lake

Towards the end of our time in Washington, we decided to go on a hike to Ancient Lake, somewhere past Quincy and near the Columbia River.
We didn't actually make it to the lake because of a steep part of the hike that was too dangerous for our party of hikers. Later, after looking over the area on a map, we realized that we took the wrong hike. No wonder!! Oh well, we had fun!

The gang at the start of the hike.

We saw three snakes on the hike, this was by far the biggest one. It's like 2 feet away from my knee.

This was where we turned around. After this it was a steep drop to the valley below on a rock slide. No, thank you.

We did get to see a fun waterfall!

My Dad

The kids and I enjoying the scenery.

The whole gang, minus my dad, the picture taker.

The parentals.

Derrick slept most of the hike. He was nice and bundled up cozy in that sling.


Samantha said...

Cassidy! Do I say this every time i leave a comment? Meg and Derrick look HUGE. In my mind Meg is still the baby. Crazy. I love the scenery on your hike. Is it weird of me that I'm surrounded by beautiful greenery here in oregon, but when I see those pictures my heart soars? I wish you were going to be in Moses the weekend after the 4th of july. mike's getting married so we'll be in town for 2 days. Glad you had a fun trip.

Kevin and Eliza said...

Pretty waterfall and how fun to all go out together on a hike!

Alan said...

Really cool area to hike in. I am impressed you got that close to the snake!

Maddie Jane said...
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Maddie Jane said...

That looks like a lot of fun! What a beautiful hike. It looks like you guys had lots of fun, you guys also look so cold!
P.S. I cant believe you got so close to that snake ether, if I saw that I would be at the end of the hike and in the car :)

Lena Gilbert said...

We just went on the same hike! How funny. Except we went in the middle of the afternoon when it was super hot..not the greatest idea ever.

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