Monday, April 18, 2011

Can't wait for her to be a teenager

That Megan-girl.

Oh, how we love her.

On Sunday she received an invitation to go to a birthday party that was to be held in a few weeks.

When she found out she couldn't go RIGHT THAT MOMENT, she threw a fit.

Bo and I, the sympathetic parents that we are, laughed and took pictures.

I mean, seriously, how can you not laugh at her pouty-stubborness?

She walked to the middle of the parking lot, sat down on a parking block, and wouldn't budge. I think she also cried.

She is going to be such a joy as a teenager.

Megan feels things, emotionally, more than Carter. While Carter is the more affectionate, Megs is the one more in tune to hers and everyone else's feelings.

She gets embarrassed so easily. It breaks my heart to watch her when she gets embarrassed too. She'll pretend that nothing is wrong and then go to a different place, be it the other room, or a corner, and sit down facing the wall and cry. It's so sad. I don't know why she gets embarrassed either. I don't know where it comes from.

I was having a bad day the other day, and while in the car (I was sitting in between Meg and Derrick) I started crying because Carter was just being so mean to me. Megan reached over to me, wiped my hair out of my eyes, tucking it behind my ear, and than stroked my face. It was so tender. She later kissed me too. See? She's very in tune to feelings.

It's been so fun having her, but also crazy too. She's just so different than Carter. She's a girl through and through.

Bring on the drama, we wouldn't trade it for anything!


The Boyce's said...

I tend to laugh when Bannock throws his silly tantrums as well! It's hard not to! Haha

Jordon and Terra said...

What a funny little girl! I hear you though, I can already tell Hallie is going to be one very emotional and dramatic teenager. But it's definitely worth it for the little sweetheart that she is. (At least thats what I say now, ask me again when she is 16:) haha Can't wait to see you guys soon! :)

Mike and Lisa said...

That is so sweet! Typical boys to never "get" us women. I love the pouty pictures. haha.

Serena said...

Ah, so cute! Way to capture the moment, Cass, haha. Gotta love girls!

Robin Conner said...

What a sweet girl! Girls rock! They are born mothers. So intune, emotional, and sensitive! I'm glad I have just 1 girl out of the 4 kids I have though. She is all the girl I can take! ha!

Steve and Hailey said...

All of those pictures are so classic. How in the world did she get herself into the entertainment center? I love it! I'm so proud that you had the camera handy in those situations.

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