Saturday, February 26, 2011

Girl Time

The Saturday before I had my little boy, hence the huge belly, my Mom, Libby, and I went to go get pedicures!! My mom had never had one before, and I'm all about having pretty feet while in labor, so we headed out for some much needed girl time.
I love the first picture. Libby and I were laughing at my Mom's face. She had such a funny look. Come to find out she had forgotten her glasses and the face was her trying to see what they were doing. hahhaa.

Seriously, look at my belly!!!!! Holy smokes! Man, am I glad he's out.

We had painted Meg's feet earlier in the day, and you should have seen her reaction when she saw all of our feet all painted. Girl heaven! She was one of the big girls! :)


Whidget said...

What fun!! :-)

Shawn and Michelle said...

So fun! I think your belly was adorable! But I'm glad he is out too! :) I love little Megan's feet, soo cute!

QB Baker said...

Aunt Lila looks so curious and nervous...I love it...

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