Thursday, September 2, 2010

What do I do with her?

Oh, this girl. I love her so much, but WHAT am I supposed to do with her????
(pictures taken after a day spent out in the garden, or with the goats, most likely both)

Meg has figured out how to get out of her crib. She will not sleep in her crib at all now. AT ALL. Now I have them both sleeping in Carter's bed. She sleeps at the foot of the bed, he sleeps at the head. Carter complains she kicks him and is not happy to share a bed, but she won't sleep anywhere else, she thinks she's a big girl and big girls sleep in the big beds. Can't argue with that logic.
So now what do I do? I need to get another bed, yes, but what kind of bed? Bo doesn't want a toddler bed. I want the kids to have matching beds and they don't make Carter's bed frame anymore. I'd get a bunk bed, excpet I know they'd fight over the top bunk, and Meg is way too young for a top bunk. So, do I just get a twin and not have them match, or do I buy new matching twin beds? Or. . . do I just buy a new queen bed for me, put my bed in the spare bedroom and have the kids share it or split them up, and then I have a guest bed too. Obviously I want a new queen, but Bo's not following my train of thought.
Oh yeah, then there's the money issues.
What to do? Anyone have any get rich quick plans?


Tiffany Fackrell said...

you could always just take the side off of the crib. or get a crib tent and force her to sleep in it, and she can't get out with the crib tent on.

I really say just get her her own twin bed, and don't worry about matching, because they aren't always going to share a room...right? And I don't understand the whole toddler bed thing, so i am with bo...don't get a toddler bed! she is pretty cute dirt and all!

Samantha said...

Those pictures are to die for. She is adorable.

I agree with tif- they won't always share a room they don't need to match. OR you can do what I did. I bought a bunk bed that can detach and separate. So the twins sleep on bunkbeds, just not in bunkbed form until they get a little bigger.

Heslop Family said...

First....she is SO FREAKIN' cute...and dirty! We went though the same thing with Logan, we took down the side of the crib but he wouldn't sleep in it because 'no baby mom!' I did sleep them head to feet for several months, but like you said they fought and kicked more than slept. We finally get them bunk beds, detachable ones AND the ladder comes off! VERY IMPORTANT in our house. Plus when they come apart they are really cute and don't look like bunk beds. The only problem with bunk beds is the top is HARD to make normally I can only imagine when I am pregnant trying to make it!

Rachel said...

She looks just like your MOM!! Especially in the second picture.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I have no idea because I am not there yet. Although Emree is a whimp and I bet she never learns to crawl out of her crib. We will have to force her into a bed when the baby comes. I would just look for a bed that is a close match to Carters.

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