Thursday, September 2, 2010


During my senior year of high school, we had an exchange student from Germany come and stay with us. Daniela became a wonderful friend and adopted sister that year.
Since that time, 10 years ago, we have stayed in touch but unfortunately hadn't been able to see each other. This summer while in Wa, Daniela made the long trip from the Canary Islands, where she lives now, to come visit us. Okay, fine, and to attend a wedding in Chicago, but I'd like to think her main reason was to come visit me.
We had so much fun catching up. We really didn't do much but eat good food and relax. My kids ADORED her. Seriously. The moment they woke up every day and at nap they would immediately ask for her. They had so much fun with her.
Daniela, it was really good seeing you! I love you and am glad you are having such a good time. Thanks for being such a good friend and sister!
pictures: While Daniela was living with us, the church announced the building of the Columbia River Temple. She left before it was built and wasn't able to see it. One of the first things we did when she came to visit was go and show her the lovely building.
ps. That is also the temple Bo and I were married in.. . . tender, isn't it?


Kacey Nielsen said...

Wow! She looks like she could be your sister in that picture!

Whidget said...

Wow I can't believe Daniela got a blog and we didn't. *crying a little inside*

dani_sahne said...

Oh, I had such a great time and I missed you the moment we left to get my plane. Thanks for the pics, I didn't take any of us. How bad is that!!!

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