Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why do I bother?

Carter has a room full of toys.
But does he play with them??????
Instead, he likes to sit right next to me, and I mean RIGHT NEXT to me, on the couch, looking at the computer.
Yes, yes, maybe I should get up and go play with him and said toys, but my back hurts, so here I am sitting on the couch, with a heating pad, looking at the computer.
Hence he is sitting next to me/on me pushing buttons on the computer, NOT playing with toys. Driving me crazy. Where is his father?
Why can't he entertain himself? He never has. Meg is awesome at playing with the toys.
So there you have it. Why do I bother buying toys for Carter?? Perhaps it is for the future children, like Meg. Maybe Carter is just being generous by keeping the toys in pristine condition for them. That's it, I'm sure of it. It's all selfless.
We're a glass half-full family.


Samantha said...

Cass your blog is looking so cute! I love your blog because all of your frustrations are my frustrations! haha. I TOTALLY get what you are saying. All I say everyday is GO PLAY!

Mike and Lisa said...

I wonder if its a boy thing because Emmett is the same way! I buy him a new toy every now and then to spike his interest, and it works for...maybe an hour.

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I hear YA! (I'm glad we are not the only one with that problem lol)

Serena said...

Seriously. Maybe it has something to do with being the first child... Glad Meg plays with the toys! Jaime has a collage of pics in her room & today she points to one of her & Carter and says "that's my cousin Carter. he lives in Texas. when are we going to see Carter?" I think it's cute she called him her cousin, lol.

Stormie said...

Sounds like Miyah! And I like the new design on your blog!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I wonder the same thing as emree takes my make-up and tries to spread it all over the bathroom floor.... where are her toys and how can she be so terrible so quickly. (this too shall pass :))

Lena Gilbert said...

Isak never has played by himself either, although Lucy is great at it. I have never been able to figure it out...maybe its a first born thing?

Aika said...

Same here... I totally understand. I've converted the office into a toy room. I have a tent set up right next to the computer. It's just funny that you have the whole entire house, but all the kids want to be stuck right next to you.

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