Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncle Dallin!

Bo's little brother, Dallin, came to visit us last week. We had so much fun with him!! Boy were we busy. We wanted to make sure that he had a good time and that he would encourage others to come visit us. :) We went to story time at the library (okay that was more for the kids than Dallin), the beach, the aquarium, NASA's Space Center, the zoo, and then finished the trip off with some dolphin sightings on the ferry. See? I told you it was busy. Super fun, but way busy. We still got our nap times in though. It's all about priorities. ;) Bo was working his last week of General Surgery while Dallin was here, so unfortunately he was gone a ton and only made it to the zoo with us. Oh well. The kids and I know how to throw a party, right Dallin?
As far as the pictures go. . . well half the time the kids were running around and wouldn't stay in the picture with Dallin, so that's why there are so many solo shots of him.
The kids slept in the same room, so that Dallin could have his own room and have the opportunity to sleep in. We tried. Meg and Carter loved sharing a room, as long as Carter would stop dumping a bazillion toys in her crib, or move her crib, or give her the curtain so she could pull it down, or get her out of bed, or scream, or. . . . :) They were successful in falling asleep eventually though. I love the first picture because this is how we FINALLY got them to go to sleep that first night. Tender, isn't it?? They're so deceptively cute, innocent, and all sorts of warm fuzzy things when they are asleep.

On the tram at the space center. We were headed over to the Astronaut Training Facility. Cool, eh? Don't you wish you could come visit us and go too????

This baby is HUGE.

Carter lying on a bed of nails at the Space Center. Really. Dallin and I did it too. Way crazy and cool. You lie down on the metal, push the button, and the nails come up. The point was to prove that one nail could hurt, but a ton of nails evenly spaced everywhere won't hurt. It was a little pokey, but definetly not painful.

There was a picture of me too, but it didn't come out good. It was blurry and made me look creepy. Or maybe I always look creepy. . .

I can't remember what animal was in that cage.

There's an orangutan in the background.


Kimberly said...

Fun times! That bed of nails looks really neat! I don't remember seeing that there!

Jordon and Terra said...

Fun fun!! I'm so jealous! Maybe that is why no one wants to come visit me...because I don't have the energy to keep them that busy! haha Looks like you guys had a great time though! I want to come visit so bad and see all these fun things!! (And you guys of course!) I'll keep working on looking for cheapo tickets! :)

Lynn said...

Every kid needs good uncles.

dani_sahne said...

That sounds way cool. If I hadn't bought already the tickets to Moses Lake, I'd definitely come to visit you guys. ;D But hey, we can try to do the same in ML, visiting the lake, the corn fields, ... jaja. Honestly, I'm sooo excited about the trip. It's been way too long not seeing you. Big hugs.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Seriously with all those activities... sign me up! I wish I could come.

Donnie and Laura said...

I want to go to NASA.. and the zoo.. and see lots of dolphins!!! Why don't you take me on a vacation?!?!

The Granthams said...

I do want to come visit! Maybe this summer?

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