Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poor Bo

I had a bad dream last night. I won't go into details, it really wasn't that bad, it just made me mad. It had some old friends in it who totally gave me the shaft, in the dream. Anyways, at some point early this morning, just as the dream ended, I grabbed my pillow and totally whacked Bo. I don't know how I made the jump from being upset at the friends in my dream to whacking Bo with the pillow, but than, when you're dreaming, does anything make sense???
Bo says after I hit him I told him that he was being mean to me. I love it. I love how totally random dreams are, and how random I get when I have them. I have crazy dreams all the time. This is only the SECOND time in our marriage I've whacked him with a pillow while dreaming though. hahahaa.
Sorry Bo. I love you. I don't mean for you to take the blunt of my bad dreams. But it is funny.


Stormie said...

I have the most random dreams all the time too! Sometimes I wish I couldn't dream ... That's pretty funny though that you actually hit Bo. I think the biggest thing I've done while dreaming is cry during a sad dream.

Samantha said...

oh no cass!! I hope I wasn't one of those friends!! (Are all your old friends thinking the same thing?)

that's hilarious though about hitting bo. The most I've done too is bawl my eyes out.

Heslop Family said...

Gosh Cass, I come to see you and then you start having dreams that I dog you out! Would I come all that way and not really be your friend? I love you are beating Bo in him sleep, I have done that to Dave a time or too.

Alan said...

I will sometimes fight with family in my dreams, and then wake up and remain mad at them for several hours.

(one of the benefits of living so far from them is that they rarely know...but I think I have been a little stand-offish with my dad on the phone, post-fight-dream)

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