Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Time Driving Solo

. . . . and we aren't talking about Bo or me either.
While in Washington, Carter learned to drive! Okay not really. He obviously can't reach the gas pedal or brakes, but he actually is pretty good at steering. We live on a farm, away from the city streets, so a couple of times he was able to sneak up onto Grandpa's lap, or mine, and drive the last few hundred yards or so home. I also blame the driving lawn mower on tempting Carter to want to drive already. It actually was probably the main reason and force behind which Carter learned to drive.
ANYWAYS. . . one day, just before coming back to Texas (we're back by the way), My Dad, Bo, and Carter went out to some fields out in the middle of nowhere to do some soil testing. Apparently Carter didn't want to go out in the field, which was wheat and as tall as him, and thus not to enjoyable, so he stayed in the stick shift truck by himself. That's right. A STICK SHIFT pick-up. What, mind you, would ANY KID do, who is in love with driving as much as Carter is, if left in a vehicle?
You guessed it.
It just so happened that while Bo and my Dad were out in the field, busy with the soil, and not very close to the truck, that my Uncle Garth was out in the same field, working in a tractor. Luckily he was out of the tractor working on something at the edge of the field when Bo heard him start hollering and running after the pickup which had started to GO DOWN THE HILL.
Carter apparently knows how to move the stick, or change the gears. Fantastic. No worries. Uncle Garth was able to quickly get in the truck and stop it before it continued to go too far down the hill.
So there you have it. Carter has already had his first time driving solo. And you'd think he'd have been a little scared. Nope. He loved every minute of it.

Disclaimer: I made this face ON PURPOSE. I was trying to portray my annoyance with the whole driving obsession. My sister in law says I nailed it.


Ty and Dani said...

Got to love over-cautious Dads and Grandpas lol. Sounds like a scary situation and I am gad Garth was there! Carter is so dang cute!

Kevin and Eliza said...

That would be just a little bit scary. I'm glad all turned out just fine. What is it with children wanting to grow up so fast. :)

Briana said...

Oh my goodness! I would have layed into them about leaving him alone in a car! That's scary! Good thing everything turned out okay.

Robin Conner said...

Holy Scary!!!! Now you have a story to tell forever!!!!! I'm so glad he was safe! Silly boy! Way too smart! I've loved catching up on your posts. Meg is so scrumptious! She looks so happy and full of joy and life! I love the butt crack shot. She is soooo cute! The pic of her and your hubby asleep is priceless! What cute kids! Good luck keeping Carter out of the driver's seat! ;)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yup, I think your face nailed it, too.

Katie said...

What a story! I'm glad he's OK. At least he decided to start driving in a field, and not in downtown traffic. =-)

Heslop Family said...

That is so funny!! I love reading about you guys. I started a blog so check it out!! We love you!

Laura said...

Wow, that is so scary! Carter sounds just like Ben. He wants to play in the car all the time, and he knows what every button does. The garage door opener is his favorite. :) I'm glad nothing serious happened.

Stormie said...

Hey! I discovered your blog. Love the story ... it was hilarious!

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