Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things could be worse. . .

With Bo being away from me these past two weeks, I've been doing a lot of grunt work. I CANNOT wait for him to come to WA on Tuesday.
With that being said, I've had a few reality shots while away and have gratefully come to the conclusion that things could be worse.
Intead of healthy kids, they could be sick.
Instead of Meg waking up once or twice in the night, she could be awake all night.
Instead of an injured shoulder, I could be missing an arm.
Instead of wishing my husband were here helping. he could not exist, or not be helpful.
You get the point.
It's amazing how this has helped change my perspective on some things.

PS--Bo sent me FLOWERS!!!!! He LOVES me!!!!! How sweet is he? What a honey. See? Things definetly aren't as bad as they could be.


Robin Conner said...

Way to stay positive. One more thing that could be worse: You could have 4 kids instead of 2 and a hubby that works an insane amount of time and is the young men's president on top of that! :)

Whidget said...

Yeah they could be worse. On Saturday I fell down the stairs and either broke or bruised my cocyx... pretty horrible. Then we just found out last night that ELi has croup. So between Whit and I last night neither of us got any sleep. I am trying to take care of both kids while Whit's working (on no sleep) and trying to keep Dora from getting croup, and take care of sick Eli by myself, all without sitting down. Could be worse!

Love you. Keep your chin up.


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

Count your blessings:)You are so right!

Serena said...

I was SO excited when Doug came to Salt Lake after he took Step I. We were only apart a little over a week and I realized once again how amazingly helpful he is! I can't imagine doing it alone all the hard would that be??

Donnie and Laura said...
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Donnie and Laura said...

Awww, flowers?? Bo is so good!! I love you too Cassidy!!!

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