Sunday, May 24, 2009

some long awaited pictures!

Pictures!!! The part that people really want to see when they come to look at postings!! Here are some pictures of the trip so far. I just want to add that I am horrible at remembering to take pictures, so there aren't that many.

I love this picture because of Carter dancing in the background. These first three pictures are us at my brother's in Seattle.

Ivie, my niece, pushing Meg around at my brother's house

At the time I took this picture, Meg was trying to figure out how to crawl, but kept falling instead. I put her in the basket to kind of keep her in one place. Carter and Ivie decided to have a little fun with her in the basket, making sure to pack her with pillows and stuffed animals among other things. . .

Terra and Jordan, Bo's sister and her husband. Terra is 6 mo. preggo.

Megan and Aunt Michelle, another sister to Bo

Megan and Me. These pictures with all of Bo's family were taken in Othello at Bo's grandma's.

Playing outside at Great Grandma Jones'

These are Bo's cousins and brother. I love that Carter is trying to play with the big boys.
Megan and Carter LOVE the swing!

Carter and Rylnn, Bo's cousin . They were having so much fun together. I even caught them hugging.

Here's Carter helping us garden at my parents home. He's standing at the back of the garden.

I love this card that Carter made me in Nursery.

Aren't my flowers beautiful?? Thanks honey!

My brother and his wife bought a pinata a couple days after cinco de mayo (it's never to late!) and let the kids try their hardest to get the candy out. That was one hard pinata! It took John, my sis-in-law's brother quite a few swings to finally break it.

My brother Ivin is the one in the red pajamas pants.

My brother's backyard.

Playing outside!

My niece, Rebekah. Isn't she darling? I think she looks just like Ivin, my brother.


Whidget said...

Yay! Photos, finally! :-) You need to take more. I am showing you up on quantity. :P We miss you guys!! Hope you get those dresses okay.

Love you!
Cute kiddos!! Meg's hair is turning blonde!!


The Boyce's said...

Yay for pictures! How stinkin cute are those kids?! Wow! That's all! haha

Shawn and Michelle said...

Soo...I'm real glad you decided to put THAT picture of me on your blog, haha, wow...

P.S. You need to leave Seattle and come here on a weekend sometime so we can play!

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